Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cutting edge Education Services, to help educational institutions, organisations and countries become great providers of high quality education for all learners. We offer a range of high quality consulting services, professional development opportunities, advice and support. Our speciaities include helping schools prepare for Ofsted through Pre-Ofsted advice and mock Ofsteds, middle leader’s training and our ‘Good to Great’ course.

We are education professionals who have worked around the world as teachers, school leaders, advisers, trainers, school evaluators, inspectors and administrators. Our team’s experience covers all phases of education; from early years to higher education, working with schools, governments and local authorities. We are passionate about education and committed to helping students succeed. See who we are.

G2G Education is TDA listed as a provider of professional development for schools. DfE accredited as an Inspectorate of British Schools Overseas and an associate member of British Schools of the Middle East (BSME).